Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Why We Choose This Topic?

Assalamualaikum..I am Lin..here we meet again in discussing about the topic that we choose for the blog. As you can seen, our blog title is The Effects of Facebook On Teenagers. Why we choose this topic, this is because today facebook became a new phenomenon to all of us. I’m sure all of you here have a facebook account. As a human being, we can’t live without interact to one another. So we normally prefer to follow and accept the new technology in our life. Because we will feel left out of what happening around us if did not follow the ‘trend’.
Our group focus is on teenagers as we know teenagers is label as a person that like to try something that new for them. They don’t actually realize that sometimes the new things not always give advantages but also have a disadvantages. Certain people had label facebook as a not a technology but it’s a something that wasting time. So for me, whether facebook is good or bad it is depending on individual needs.
It can be good when we use it in a right way such as use it as gathering information or keep updating with class notification. But it reach to the level ‘bad’ or out of control if the facebook has controlling our lives such as we feel empty and life is not meaningful without using facebook for a day. Whatever it is, people especially teenagers should have a media literacy so that they don’t spoil their daily routine just because of facebook addiction.

So friends, what is your opinion? 


  1. hi..i am nadwa...thank you...i agree with you, more advanced age with sophisticated technological advances cause you will always want to be a sophisticated .. based on the diffusion of innovation theory..social change is the goal of every society and country..
    innovation is an idea, practice or object perceived as new by an individual or other unit of adoption...such as facebook....everyone can adopt facebook as platform for communicate with each other.. :)

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