Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Facebook Addiction

Facebook rises to the level of “addiction” when other things are out of balance: grades suffer, no offline friendships, little to no activity away from the computer. When someone is consumed with the world of Facebook, other relationships can suffer greatly.

Teenagers see Facebook as a part of their life and they think life is not complete without Facebook in a day. People especially parent must help teenagers know and understand the Internet. It’s not just social media.

Teaching them and giving them a greater understanding of the how’s and why’s will prepare them for life with technology outside the home. It’s not going away, so we need to give them to use it properly.


  1. Do i belong among those who are addicted to facebook???..
    because every day i would visit the facebook...But, i only visit for 5 hours and i will feel bored if too long browsing the facebook...

  2. muiz:

    facebook can cause individual addiction to surf every day.

  3. There's a great new book called, Unblocked: The Blocked Side of Facebook, which shows the real side of Facebook for teenagers. This is the side of Facebook parents don't see. Please if you have a teenager or soon to be teenager - this is a must read! As a bonus there’s a Slang and Emoticon Dictionary in the back of the book. For a short time Amazon is offering $5off Unblocked at https://www.createspace.com/3689179.
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