Thursday, 31 May 2012


 Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera. First i'm Muiz want to  thank for my beloved lecturer namely Puan Noraza because willing giving chance to me to complete this DST are mainly in process editing and also helped Sharina and Nadwa We hope all people can comment about Digital Story Telling (DST). This is because, we think  all comment can improve and help all weakness and develop ourselves in English especially.  


  1. Ariana:

    nice DST..but so simple..

  2. nadwa:

    thank you Ariana...simple but it is not problem because our DST buzzing with idea and point...maybe next time we can improve our DST..but,for the next DST project...not this project again..hehehe

    1. Sharina:
      Thank you Ariana for your comment in our DST project. I hope this project can get best marks because team in work not so easy and many challengers which need we go through especially on behalf of editing namely Muiz. but, I very hopeful we could make lesson of and improve all weakness so that much better in the future.

    2. Muiz: Thank you Ariana. Ok, for me our DST project certainly test someone's patience level to get revenue that more attractive and unique than other people. However, very important team work and every member must cooperate get opinion respective. This case because every person having different opinions and likely people who we look easy unlike the idea not quality like "dont judge the book by it cover"