Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Little Notes For Being A Biuss Student

Assalamualaikum and good day to everyone..My name is Lin..I am glad for having this opportunity to write on some thought, opinion and comment about everything that I had learned in our Biuss class. First I would like to thanks to Madam Noraza for teaching me in this semester. All the advices is so mean to me and will be used now and in the future.
            Well, as a four in group I understand the important of being responsible as a group members.  The teamwork concept will not achieve if one of us did not play their role as good as possible. This is because each person needs to depend on other s members skills so that certain job will be easier and more quality. When we finishing our Digital Story Telling (DST), there are lots of challengers we need to face such as clashing of schedule in meeting each other, lack of ideas and so on. The main challenge for us is the problem in using English as spoken language. As we know, we are here to improve the skill of English communication so what we should do is always speak in English so that our confident level will increase. Like the word “practice makes perfect”.  For me don’t be too shy and feeling inferior when talking to others. So from now onwards, I promise myself to always give the best for my own sake. 


  1. Thank you Lin for your little notes.
    Assalamualaikum and greetings I say to all. first thanks a million aimed do our lecturer namely Puan noraza to give opportunity to us to do every assignment given.I sharina, I flattered because given chance to increase my skill use this english language. through various assignment given this make me bolder to speak in english language various skills. However, so many weakness and challenge that has to us go through to complete this assignment especially in DST (Digital Story Telling). I hope all assignments that we doing this improved.

  2. Thank you for commenting this..yeah finally we as a group did a good job and the important things we should always know is English make us be a better person..

  3. thank you lin for your notes and notice to me....i nadwa, i admit too many lack as a group members..especially in terms of cooperation..it is not easy to give 100% our cooperation in preparing the assignment...clashing of schedule, difference of opinion likewise and so on cause we had to sacrifice the night day to complete assignment...but as a student we have a responsibility and we need show our responsible..

    1. Muiz:
      Thank you to all comment.I feel so glad because can improve my english with this way. After that I want to tell about all project in this course. For me, team in work was so very imporntant and all people in the work must played role. This is because want to get interting and good jobs in the project. so, this project is become sweet and bad memories in part of my life.