Wednesday, 30 May 2012



there are so barrie's in completing the assignment by group..that i have experienced throughout our group  to complete this blog...although i have never know how to create blog but it is not a barrier for me to learn...and i try my best to complete this blog..first time i learned how to create this blog..i feel so excited..and i try  to surf google" how to create the blog?" also ask to all my friends to know in more detail about how to create the blog... know i feel satisfied because i have learn how to import picture, music and so on in our blog...


  1. MUIZ:

    I agree with your opinion Nadwa. Really blog production difficult for those who less skilled on this blog. But instead this blog usage very easy and fun especially when include picture, song and so on to attract other people's interests surf our blog.

    1. nadwa:

      Thank you Muiz for your comment...